You might have noticed that most accountants won't quote prices on their websites. This is because every client's needs are different, or because they want you already in the introductory meeting before you get the shock!

On the other hand, the websites which do quote prices are generally the bucket shops offering ridiculously low fees for the first year which can't possibly cover the cost of the carrying out the work involved to a high standard. To break the mold a little, we can generalise and say that a self employed tax return is often in the region of £150+vat and if you have a limited company you might expect to pay about £700+vat.

In both cases, maybe less, maybe more, in complex cases definitely more I'm afraid. If we judge a competitors quote to be simply too low to provide enough attention to do the work properly, we will decline to match the price. How can it be any other way?

Fees & Payment Options

We offer fixed price agreements paid on monthly or quarterly basis for all our services. This will give you peace of mind and no surprise bills. We would normally offer an initial meeting with our new clients to discuss their specific requirements, and upon request, a quotation can be issued.

Our fees could also be computed on the time spent on your affairs and on the levels of skills or responsibility involved and on disbursements incurred in connection with the engagement.

Work outside the scope of this engagement may be subject to additional fees, however, we will endeavour, where possible to agree a fee for any additional work for the avoidance of any dispute.

Our engagement covers normal routine accountancy based services. In the case of any enquiry based work, for instance, in relation to any HM Revenue & Customs enquiries, this work would always generally be considered to be outside the scope of “normal routine accountancy based services”.

We are able to offer all clients a range of free services to some extent, but there is the opportunity to protect you and your firm against additional fees pertaining to such enquiry work under our Fee Protection Scheme - full details will be given upon request.

Our invoices are payable as negotiated to suit your cash flow.